About Us

Leadership Revolution is a ministry founded to develop leaders globally
who will spread the gospel and make disciples in their arena of influence.

Our Story

One Leader is a ministry founded to develop a global network of trained, Christ-led leaders, who empower others to make disciples. We offer a unique and transformational approach to leadership beginning and ending with Christ as our leader. The ministry began in 2008 by Bruce Witt, after he saw a tremendous need for leaders to understand and practice Christ as the One Leader in life and leadership. One Leaders has gone on to train over 10,000 leaders domestically and in dozens of countries around the world. We have partnered with minstries to help train their leaders for service.

Our Values

Christ is our life. He alone is the leader and works through us.
Leaders serve with humility, by highly valuing people, and having a clear calling.
Kingdom impact and focus through partnering relationships.

Leadership Revolution – The Value We Bring

The Need for Leadership 
  • 80% of the world is without Christ. Every 2 seconds 5 people die globally – 4 are without Christ.
  • World challenges are ever increasing – poverty, wars, corruption, bad politics, abortion, disease, etc.  At the core all of these problems are leadership issues.
  • 80% of the churches planted globally don’t make last over two years. 
  • 1000’s of churches are planted globally every year, yet most planters / pastors are ill equipped. 
  • In the USA we lose thousands of pastors every month. Churches are closing at an ever-increasing rate.
  • Over 50% of marriages in the USA end in divorce.
  • Christians and Christianity is losing influence in all aspects of culture.

Our Global Challenges
  • As leaders we lack supernatural power.
  • There is a lack of Godly leadership. Leaders are more focused on skills and talent than being Spirit led.
  • More specifically – we are trying to lead in our strength, programs, and process rather than allowing the infinitely strong and wise leader, Jesus Christ, to lead in and through us. 
  • We have embraced a worldly leadership development process in churches, ministries, and businesses.

Why Leadership Revolution?
  • We have a proven leadership development process that is totally unique in heart, message and delivery.
  • The Heart is Christ in the One Leader.
  • The Message is that Christ wants to lead in and through Godly leaders who see their need and His power.
  • The Delivery Process is one of serving and partnerships, not building our own organization or structure. The process includes equipping in spiritual formation, best practices, and attitudes/ actions.
  • We work with leaders in all areas of life: church, ministry, business, and marriage.

Why Now?
  • The problems are only growing and going to get worse, much worse.
  • Three of the four of the world’s largest and most powerful countries (China, India, Russia, and USA) are becoming more hostile to the gospel and restricting access to people.
  • Persecution of Christianity is on the rise.
  • We are losing ground and influence in government, business, arts, marriage, and entertainment.

What Difference will Leadership Revolution make?
  • We are revolutionizing leadership development in missions and church planting. This also is being applied to ministry leaders and business leadership.
  • We have trained and equipped over 10,000 leaders over the last three years. In 2018 we trained over 6,000 leaders alone.
  • The organizations we have partnered with are experiencing a multiplication of fruit: people coming to Christ, being disciple, and leading others. These include: Harvesters Ministries, For His Glory, Leadership International, and CBMC.
  • Our cost to train one leader is phenomenally low – under $25.00.  The impact of the one leader will translate into many more people receiving Jesus Christ, being discipled and reproducing.
  • Our process and results are spreading through trained trainers who are multiplying this message of Christ and their leadership influence.

How can You Make a Difference?
  • Become a partner of Leadership Revolution through your time, talent, treasure, and relationships.
  • Be equipped in your own leadership.
  • Be a trainer of trainers and leaders in other parts of the world.
  • Prayer for the Lord’s hand to work supernaturally through us.

The Leadership Revolution Process

Equipping leaders with the transformational leadership of Christ through:

Partnerships: Provide leadership development processes and training to businesses, ministries, and churches.
Leadership Forums: Provide a platform for leaders to connect, grow, learn, and help one another.
Leadership Services: Provide coaching and mentoring to leaders. Provide strategic planning and resource development to organizations.

A leadership revolution begins when a leader embraces Christ as the Leader with the goal of Kingdom impact in individual lives, in the marketplace, and in the nations. 

We have a 4 Phase Transformational Leadership Process.

Create Awareness of Christ as the Leader through conferences, books, WEB, and social media.
Build Understanding through small groups, leadership roundtables and online delivery of resources.
Foster Application through best practices, mentoring, and coaching.
Gain Multiplication through training trainers and partnering with organizations.

Our action plan centers on 3 things: developing leaders, delivering content, and partnering with organizations,

We build leaders of depth by focusing on spiritual formation and skill development through best practices.
We deliver equipping through mentoring, coaching, small groups, workshops, the WEB, and consulting,
We have partner relationships with businesses and organizations transforming them for greater leverage.

International Impact

A Global Network has already been created and is transforming leaders in India; Africa- Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia:, South America – Paraguay, Argentina: Indonesia, Middle East, and the United States.

Bruce Witt, President, Leadership Revolution Inc.

Bruce Witt founded the ministry in 2008 to develop leaders with a biblical perspective and best practices to significantly impact their sphere of influence for God’s kingdom. Bruce has over 30 years of experience working with, training, and mentoring executives. After 10 years as a marketing executive with Shell Chemical Company, Bruce was called to CBMC, a marketplace ministry, and where he worked for 20 years. He oversaw the national field ministry, training, resource development, and represented them globally. Bruce Witt began his career in marketing for Shell Oil Company in the solid plastics area. He was led to join the Christian Business Men’s Committee where he directed the U.S. field operations and authored several key curriculum for the ministry, including the Operation Timothy spiritual development series and the Lighthouse evangelism curriculum. In 2008, after seeing the tremendous need for leaders to understand and practice Christ as the Leader in their entire life, Bruce was led to form Leadership Revolution in order to establish a process that would help leaders truly allow Christ to be their leader.

Meet Our Instructors

We work with partner organizations globally to train their leaders directly and develop trainers who will be able to continue training leaders utilizing the various leadership curriculum.

Sam OppongGhana  Leadership International

Rev. Sam Oppong holds a diploma in Missiology (MOC London) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Missions (The Bible Institute of South Africa). He is a Ghanaian, and worked with Ghana Evangelism Committee for seventeen (17) years, and was a member of the team which conducted the first ever national church survey in Ghana.

Calson Nythai–  Zimbabwe   Leadership International

Calson is training pastors and church leaders around Zimbabwe in all ten provinces. As well as Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. He has helped to train over 3000 pastors

Onesmus Weru – 3 Strands International

Onesmus Weru and 3-Strands International (3SI) Ministries is committed to building partnerships to reach nations with the transforming message of the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, deepen their walk with God through discipleship training, build their capacity to mobilize communities and nations to lead a global movement of spiritual and social transformation.

Mark LesqueneFor His Glory

Mark serves the Lord and For His Glory to help reignite Jesus’ mission of bringing the Kingdom of God into manifestation on earth.This is accomplished in cities and nations by creating unity among the churches in a region through the proclamation of the Gospel at large evangelistic festivals.

Dr. Wahid WahbaMELTI  Cairo, Egypt

Since he answered God’s call more than 40 years ago, Dr. Wahid has trained and equipped thousands of Christian leaders worldwide. In 2000, he launched the Middle East Leadership Training Institute (MELTI), which reaches 45,000 people in 25 Middle Eastern and North African countries every year.
Dr. Wahid has worked with Christian ministries like the Bible Society of Egypt, Walk Thru the Bible, Purpose Driven, and the Haggai Institute to help them advance the work of God throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, CIS, and Europe.

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