Books, Training Curriculum, and Online Courses are helping pastors and ministries around the world to follow the One Leader, Jesus Christ, and help fulfill the Great Commission.

the buy one give one initiative

Support us in training 50,000 global leaders! For every donation or purchase of a product, we provide a free online course to an international pastor or ministry leader. Thank you for your consideration in becoming a part of this world-changing initiative.


Course 1: There is One Leader

Equipping servants to lead from Christ and excel through best practices.


Course 2: The Power of Attitude

“The Power of Attitude” will help you impact your personal world and extend your influence to the entire world.

Course 3: Coming Soon

Equipping servants to lead from Christ and excel through best practices.

“Living in Hope with the One Leader” Bible Study Series

To keep us focused on the ultimate One Leader, Jesus Christ, we’re offering this new Bible study series containing free study downloads as a complimentary gift to you.

We encourage you to use them in any of the following ways:

  • Personal Bible study with you and/or your spouse and family
  • Group Bible study with your church, small group, or professional group
  • Churchwide Bible study if you’re a pastor or church leader
  • Staff or employee encouragement if you’re a business owner

Download any of the following PDF studies and share with others:

    • Contagious Grace (download)
    • Do Not Fear: God’s Promises and Provisions (download)
    • Handling the Uncertainties and Trials of Life (download)
    • Rest and Refreshment (download)
    • Do Not Lose Heart (download)
    • Transforming Troubling Times into Lasting Life (download)
    • Connected or Isolated? (download)
    • Overcoming Doubt in the Midst of Uncertainty (download)
    • Certainty in the Midst of Uncertainty (download)
    • Responding with God’s Priorities and Plan (download)
    • Pressing In and Pressing On (download)
    • Contagious Grace and Hope (download)
    • Encourage One Another (download)
    • Key Lessons in Times of Transition (download)
    • Living Above the Chaos, Part 1 – “Well Done” (download)
    • Living Above the Chaos, Part 2 – “Good” (download)
    • Living Above the Chaos, Part 3 – “Faithful” (download)
    • Living Above the Chaos, Part 4 – “Servant” (download)

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    Our store is provided on a donation basis. Suggested donations are shown for each product or course, and you will receive a receipt for the net donation amount minus the cost of the product. Our parent organization, Leadership Revolution Inc, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.