Course 1: There is One Leader

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Course Description

Ignite a Powerful Leadership Revolution

Leadership Development Is Not Working! We Have a Global Leadership Crisis!

The Solution is a Leadership Revolution.

The Principle is Establishing Christ as the Leader. The Training is Sharing the One Leader Message. 

The vision of Leadership Revolution is to transform leaders in every continent releasing Christ to
lead their families and organizations thus reaching the nations and changing lives. Our mission
is to revolutionize leadership by establishing Christ as Leader in every follower.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Uncover the false ideas about leadership
  • Understand how to follow the One Leader, Jesus Christ
  • Bibilical leadership principles that release leaders from guilt
  • How to leave a lasting legacy in your words and actions

People in every nation are in need of Christ as the difficulties rise globally. We don’t lack for men, methods, money, and organizations to meet the needs. We do lack leaders through whom Christ can fully work. God is on mission and seeks to use anyone who is wholly devoted to Him. Leadership Revolution was founded to raise up leaders of the future – one in whom Christ lives and through whom He can lead.

Here’s the general flow for each Session of this course:

  1. Review the slide presentation, watch the video, answer the questions, and export your answers.
  2. Download the Training Guide and complete the exercises.
  3. If experiencing the course with the group, meet outside the course with your group leader and other participants to discuss what you learned.