Feeding a Leader’s Body and Spirit

By Pastor Calson Nyathi You can’t imagine the gratitude that the Pastors and their families had when they received the food packages. They were all quoted as saying, “May the Lord bless the people that gave this to us!” It was there that I was reminded of this scripture passage given above.

We can’t cease to thank you for your kind gesture of ministering to the Pastors and church leaders in this like manner. 31 families benefited from your provisions. We give God the glory!

Food items packed and ready for distribution to Pastors and church leaders.

How Great is Our God! How great is His Name! the group was overheard singing this song of praise to their God for His timely provision to them at a time they needed it most.

This couple was so thankful and excited for the food items, as they had nothing to help themselves with the very day. “God’s timing is always perfect”, the wife was quoted as saying.

The Senior Pastor and his Assistant Pastor, filled with joy and gratitude for the provisions. When COVID-19 struck the country last year, nothing is coming in in the church coffers. For that reason, we’re now struggling to make ends meet with our families. Our heart’s prayer and desire is that our children don’t look down upon the gospel and the ministry because of the hardships they are currently undergoing.

This Pastor is also grateful for the provision. Solely dependent on church offerings and selling some vegetables, he is currently trying to rise up after the loosening of the lockdown. Meanwhile, he is just glorifying the Lord for His unwavering faithfulness.

This family has recently given their lives to the Lord after having shared with them the gospel. Now, they rejoice even more as they stood astonished of what the Lord can do through His servants to those who have given their lives to the Lord. One of them was quoted as saying, “No more going back, I want to be more and more like Jesus!”

One Leader Training was held at Mlomoliwoto some 120 kilometers from the city of Bulawayo. 18 Pastors and Church Leaders were in attendance. Excitement broke the whole room as leaders looked closely at one another to ask, “What sort of a leader are you?” Eye-opening experiences from our facilitators, they exclaimed.
Advertisements of the training will be extended to other leaders from their vicinity who were unable to attend because of other community commitments. 

 The trainees display their training notebooks and were grateful for the training. I had two Pastors who assisted me in facilitating the whole event.

The lady on the picture made the Macedonian call. Come over and help us! Amazingly the kraal head (next to me and his assistant were also part of the trainees.This makes it easier for the implementation and the advertising work. They enjoyed every bit of the training.

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