Training Leaders That Must Stand Up and Teach!

By Pastor Calson Nyathi

“And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” – 2 Timothy 2:2

As we shared this verse with our trainees wherever we went, we recited this proverb, “If you do not sit down to learn, do not stand up to teach.” Like Timothy, leaders must be people who are humble enough to study. As you grow and gain maturity and experience, you can teach others from what you have learned.

Training in Bulawayo

The first training was held in Cowdray Park, Bulawayo. We gathered 16 young people for a 2-day training. Four churches participated in this training, and their local pastors expressed the following sentiments, “Thank you pastor, for raising leaders for today and tomorrow.” You can imagine the excitement of a trained young person equipped and having a wider understanding about leadership! 

It was also an amazing event when we brought together Matebeleland Scouts Movement from different groups of the city of Bulawayo. This training was composed of High School students, and we believe it’s a doorway to many future trainings opportunities. Eighteen students participated including two Scout Commissioners. Pastor V. Maphosa and I facilitated the training.

Another One Leader training was held 120km from Bulawayo where 22 people from 5 churches participated. Pastor K. Ndlovu and I were the facilitators of this event, and we faced a big challenge on the road because of the heavy rains that made pools of water on the road.

We were stuck for more than 2 hours, but praise the Lord the group was patient enough to wait until we got there for the training. The zeal among the trainees was unspeakable from both young and old alike! 

Pastor V. Maphosa and I facilitated another training at Irisvale on the outskirts of Bulawayo town. It was an exciting even to train 32 Pastors and church leaders. Various churches participated in this remarkable event, and it was really awesome to have both young and old in attendance.

This area is marked by untrained leaders but surrounded by clusters of churches. After this training, the eyes of many were opened and invitation extended to their other sister churches. Trainings to follow, we look forward to them! 

The last One Leader training event in the region was held at Tshalimbe. Pastors brought their youth leaders and other church leaders with them, and we felt it was appropriate for us to separate the class so that we approach the youth from their level of understanding.

This youth participation was something to be remembered, as they came from different churches from the surrounding areas. Pastors and Church Leaders were in attendance.

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